Game Boy Pi

Additional buttons - 2016-07-30

almost done? - 2016-07-11

After all this time I finally got the last part. All of them should work fine (the first charging-thingy didn't work out as intended because I can't power the RPi and the screen simultaneously with it). Anyway, the RPi and the screen run simultaneously now. I cut out some space for the screen therefore and just checked a few things. I need to adjust the length of the wires because some are too long or too short, but in general there shouldn't be a lot of work left.

checking if everything fits inside the case - 2016-05-25

I modified the case a lot in the past few days. As of today the only thing left is the space for the screen. There are probably a lot of ways to put everything inside the case, but I want the RPi to be removable, so I'm pretty limited there. After trying out a few different ways, I finally came up with the plan you can see in the video below. It fits very thightly, but as long as I'm able to close it, it should be fine I guess. I'm just a little bit afraid of overheating and that stuff, but I can't really try that out before putting everything together. Yesterday I ordered a speaker, which is the last part left. I'll place it at the same place as the original speaker is usually of course. The next step is to solder everything together, minimize the length of every cable and so on. Hopefully everything will work as intended.

buttons, on/off switch and screen - 2016-05-20

I've got a lot of new parts in the past few weeks. There are a few NES in my family and even more NES controllers. Two of these NES don't work properly anymore and so there are a few controllers which aren't really used. I've got one from my uncle because I want to add X/Y buttons in the future and the NES buttons seem nice. I noticed that the DMG buttons and NES buttons have the exact same size. Furthermore I ordered a common ground dmg button pcb to make things easier. Two days ago I noticed that there's a version that would fit my project better but it was too late already. At least for me. (common ground dmg button pcb (A/B/X/Y version)) After playing around with the pcb for a while I finally managed to get some actual input from the buttons. Adafruit's tutorial has been very helpful to accomplish this. I mapped the DPad to the standard up/down/left/right keys of a keyboard and the A button to the enter key. That way I might save some trouble connecting a keyboard in the future because I basically have direct access to the .bash_history (ssh?). Maybe it won't be useful, I don't know, I just did it that way. The screen I purchased is said to run at 12V. Sadly I don't have a power adapter which provides this amount. A relative had one with 9V so I tried that out and it worked just fine. After cutting off the connectors to save a lot of space I've run into some trouble with the screen. I'm not quite sure what causes it but I'll investigate that later. Maybe it runs on 5V fine, maybe not. I didn't connect the screen to the battery yet. To finish off this post, I got a really nice slide switch which matches perfectly size-wise. The slider itself fits well into the DMG on/off switch. I just need to attach the slide switch at the right place, then I'll be able to power on and off the Raspberry Pi by the original DMG on/off switch. It might not feel the same but at least it will look the same from the outside. Unfortunately I don't have a picture of that, therefore I hope you understand my explanation here.

RPi running on battery power - 2016-04-24

I received this xV -> 5V converter thingy a few days ago. Therefore, I tested a few parts out if they work. Somehow the battery lost one wire while I cut the white one off because I don't need it. The USB cable confused me because it has only two wires, one being blue and the other one brown. Eventually I was able to find out how to connect everything together. After spending some time with the soldering iron (I never used one before) I tested it on my Raspberry Pi I plan to build in.. and it works! I'm able to charge the battery and the RPi even works with just the battery as a power source.

Received battery and charger - 2016-04-08

Got the package with the battery recently and the charger today. I tried it out immediately and it looks like it's working. It didn't explode at least. When I receive the other parts I'm going to solder this thing together.

Received Game Boy - 2016-03-31

Purchased a Game Boy for about €40, received it today and its in a pretty nice condition.